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Life In The Middle East VI & VII

It was June 1990, and the destination was Doha, Qatar. The goal is to work in one of the international hotels in Doha. There were two Sheraton hotels in Qatar and the destination was to work in one of them. The hotel had 19 floors with one apartment room on each floor. The first floor was the accommodation for the executive housekeeper and hotel employees. No male employee is allowed to hang around that floor without a valid reason. An employee must be 35 years of age or older before being employed. The employees are recruited from different countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Philippines, Africa, Europe and other countries not mentioned will be minority.

Most of the employees, whether male or female, had spouses or family in their home country. Separation from family was the most important test that indentured laborers ever experienced. For individuals who have come to the Middle East or Gulf countries for the first time, the emotional struggle can be devastating. That was the main reason why the hotel management did everything to provide employees with as much fun and activities as possible. The hotel management has allocated a spacious room in the staff accommodation called “Game Room”. There was pool table, tennis table/set, backgammon, chess, table football and many others. There were also basketball courts for those who wanted to play basketball and an open court for those who wanted to play soccer or football.

There were activities such as half of the hotel employees will be on duty and half will go on a trip to the beach with lots of different types of food and play activities and swimming. The schedule will be two days so that the other half of the staff can go on a picnic the following day. This picnic was planned when the hotel was understaffed. In addition to the creation of a playroom, external activities, program presentations for each department were also held. With these programs, employees could observe the creativity of their colleagues during the presentation. During Eid al-Fitr and Christmas, employees had a sit-down dinner with their families invited to attend in case they had their families in Qatar. Then there will be a raffle with gifts for the employees. In addition to these different activities, there will be parties initiated by the head of the department. This event is held every year.

Outside of work, activities such as crabbing at low tide have become a hobby for some of the employees. They can catch between 100 and 200 crabs a day. Qatar has a long stretch of beaches. There were activities like BBQ/fish party, swimming and beach tennis etc.

The desert safari activities were also fun activities. Tents for all purposes are set up in the desert area. There will be a food tent, a chat and games tent, an Arabic or belly dance tent and more. The setting for each tent was in an Arabic style or motif. It was a fantastic experience for people who have not experienced a desert safari. These activities helped lessen the emotional struggle or “homesickness” of not being with loved ones or families for a year or two.

Contract workers are allowed to go home after two years or one year for an individual in a managerial position. And if the contract worker decided to go home before the end of the contract, he had to pay for the plane ticket. And if he/she won’t return to work then he/she had to pay the hotel for the plane ticket he/she used when he/she came to Qatar. Usually those who cannot afford to be separated from their families or spouses will not return. The only challenge a married contract worker had was when he or she got involved with another person when things got complicated.

Like Kuwait, Qatar is also governed by Islamic law. Obscene pictures or films were strictly prohibited in Qatar.

Qatar was a peaceful place to work, stay and live. If the person is good and the employer has issued a discharge, that person will be able to work in another company similar to the previous job. Usually if the company terminated the contract, the contract worker had to be sent back to the country of origin. Most companies in Qatar pay well, and when sponsored by a company, medical care was also free. There were families in Qatar who lived there for decades because of the peaceful life in the country. Contract workers liked the job, the people they interacted with, the friendliness of Qatar, and especially the peace of the country.

News has arrived that the hotel contract has been awarded to another hotel group. Employees were asked to continue with the hotel’s new management group, and those who did not want to stay were allowed to move on.

An executive housekeeper transferred to a sister company with only 7 rooms available out of 450 rooms was a tough job. Recruiting new workers from other countries will take at least four to six months. The human resources manager offered to hire forty (40) workers whose contracts had been terminated by the employer. Out of 40 people, only 5 people know English. They were grouped into five groups with one English speaking person in each group. He trained five English speakers, then those five trained their group members to communicate in their own language. The best among them were paired with seven maids, and the rest were assigned to public areas with a supervisor of public areas. Before that, the public room attendants who were there before had already been trained by seven maids. It was a difficult decision to hire employees with communication problems. As the days passed, they learned basic English that is spoken every day. All were hard working individuals and after six months there was an improvement in their performance. This means that the hotel is also highly rated based on the results of the guest questionnaire.

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