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Fantasy Football Preview – QB Rankings

Tier 1

1. Peyton Manning(Colts) bye week: 6 age: 31

-The consensus top choice at QB, Manning once again was nothing short of brilliant in 2006 throwing 31 touchdown passes while logging 4,397 passing yards. Still in his prime and a lock to play 16 games, Eli’s big brother is the surest of bet when it comes to the QB position. Whether you want to be the guy to draft a QB in round 1 while everyone else snags a RB is the only decision you will have to make when it comes to this machine. Nothing short of a top pick will suffice if you hope to grab him.

2. Carson Palmer(Bengals) bye week: 5 age: 27

-2006 was a season of redemption for Carson Palmer in that he put all doubts to rest regarding how he would fare in his return from reconstructive knee surgery. All he did was go out and throw for 28 td’s along with 4035 passing yards. Blessed with a howitzer for an arm, Palmer is poised to possibly overtake Peyton Manning this year as the best fantasy QB in football. With Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmanzadeh as his two main weapons, Palmer could possibly challenge the 40 TD mark. Advice: wait on Manning and grab this guy in round 2 if you are one of those who take a QB early.

Tier 2

3. Drew Brees(Saints) bye week: 4 age: 28

-Don’t let the dislocated elbow Brees suffered in the Pro Bowl impact how you view this crafty veteran going into the season. All reports indicate Drew is right on schedule to be fully ready to go from day 1 of training camp and that means another season of big numbers from the Saints’ leader. Don’t expect Brees to put up another 4,500 yard season but something along the lines of 4,000 with 25 TD’s sounds about right. Surrounded by outstanding weapons in RB’s Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush, along with last year’s sensation WR Marques Colston, Brees will prove to be a smart buy for those who wait a few rounds to take their QB. A third round pick is the latest however he will last.

4. Tom Brady(Patriots) bye week: 10 age: 30

-New England’s favorite son disappointed fantasy owners last year who dealt with Brady’s inconsistent performances throughout the year. Despite throwing for a solid 24 TD’s, Brady’s passing yardage was down considerably from the year before. However one must only look at the weapons brought in by the front office to see that Tom is poised for a big year. Along with prized recruit Randy Moss, NE signed long-range bomber Donte Stallworth, possession receiver Wes Welker, and solid reserve Kelly Washington. All this adds up to possibly a 30 TD season along with Brady’s second 4,000 yard season in three years. Also like Manning, you never have to worry about whether or not Brady will suit up as he owns the fourth longest streak of consecutive starts. Third to fourth round draft choice.

5. Marc Bulger(Rams) bye week 9 age: 30

-At press time there were rumblings that Bulger may be considering holding out in the hopes of landing a big contract. However don’t let this deter you from drafting this incredibly solid performer. Despite not having the best arm, Bulger excels with what he has which is incredible accuracy, solid field smarts, and the ability to go with the hot reads. In his second year in coach Scott Linehan’s system, Bulger should exceed the Pro Bowl numbers he amassed last season. If I were a betting man, I say Bulger leads the NFL in passing yardage. Grab him in round 3 with 5 being the latest if you’re lucky.

6. Donovan McNabb(Eagles) bye week: 5 age: 30

-No QB in fantasy football will cause more consternation when it comes to drafting him than the Eagles’ leader. On his way to an MVP-type season last year, McNabb suffered a season-ending knee injury which now brings him to 19 missed games over the last two years. The tools are still there such as the nimble feet and cannon arm. However Philly didn’t draft Kevin Kolb because they wanted him to look pretty on the sidelines. There is some doubt as to whether Donovan can be the player he used to be. I say he can be and the motivation to prove his nay-sayers wrong will lead to a comeback season for McNabb. A potential championship pick due to the fact you may be able to snag him as late as the seventh round due to the questions surrounding his status.

Tier 3

7. Matt Hasselbeck(Seahawks) bye week: 8 age: 31

-poised to join the top five fantasy QB’s going into last season, instead Matt Hasselbeck struggled throughout the year with injuries and inconsistency. With only 18 TD’s and 2,442 yards to show for it, Hasselbeck was nothing but a disappointment for his owners. Despite last year however, I believe Hasselbeck will rebound and post his usual 22-25 TD’s along with 3.500 yards. Having RB Shaun Alexander healthy is huge along with a better offensive line in front of him. Snag him in the fifth round or so.

8. Philip Rivers(Chargers) bye week: 7 age: 25

-After having to sit and wait two years while predecessor Drew Brees garnered back-to-back Pro Bowl bids, last year Philip Rivers showed everyone he was worth the wait. Joining Brees in Honolulu, Rivers displayed great poise and decision-making in his first year at the helm of the league’s top club. Now with a year under his belt, look for Rivers to exceed the 24 TD’s he amassed last season. Draft with confidence in round 5-6.

9. Matt Leinart(Cardinals) bye week 8 age 24

-you may be surprised by how high I have him ranked but when you look at the whole picture, this second year wonder will more than likely ascend to the top tier of fantasy quarterbacks this season. Coming from an NFL-caliber offense where he did nothing but win at USC, Leinart steps into a potentially explosive offense with Pro Bowl caliber receivers Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, along with RB Edgerrin James in what could become one of the most efficient passing games in the league. Though he doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, Leinart is arguably one of the most intelligent QB’s in the league who has great accuracy. Look for a big step forward in his second year under center. You might be able to nab him as late as round 9.

10. Vince Young(Titans) bye week: 4 age: 24

-after taking the league by storm as a rookie last season, this second-year wonder is poised to do even better things for Tennessee. Combining great quickness along with a strong arm, Young proved his naysayer’s wrong by sparking the Titans to a respectable season under his guidance. One negative is the fact that the Tennessee front office failed to find offensive help for their franchise QB and in fact weakened the offense by letting WR Drew Bennett leave as a free agent. Expect some growing pains for this still raw Titans team which could negatively impact Young’s numbers. However when you look at rushing yardage from a QB along with his passing ability, Young has now surpassed the troubled Mike Vick in this ranking. Draft him in round 6-8.

Tier 4

11. Tony Romo(Cowboys) bye week: 8 age: 27

-With Drew Bledsoe struggling early last season, coach Bill Parcells made the move many expected when he inserted pre-season’s perennial star Tony Romo. Once handed the job, Romo proceeded to put up a Pro Bowl season with 23 TD’s and 3,600 yards in 10 starts. Look for Romo to put up similar numbers now that he has the benefit of knowing he will be starting from day one. When I mean similar, I mean around 23 TD’s for the whole season and not 10 games. Some regression to the mean is expected with him this year. Draftable in round 7-9.

12. Eli Manning(Giants) bye week 9 age: 26

-Peyton’s little brother continued to drive fantasy owner’s nuts due to his inconsistency but 24 TD’s is not bad at all. The problem with Eli is the lack of accuracy and the breakdown in his mechanics when things begin to go wrong. With time to throw and little pressure in his face, Eli would rival his brother as fantasy football’s top QB. However the G-Men’s O-line is weak and Manning will once again have to deal with opposing players in his face so more struggles are sure to follow him around most of the year. If you draft him expect one week of 300 yards with 4 TD’s along with another of 180 yards and 4 INT’s.

13. Jake Delhomme(Panthers) bye week: 7 age: 32

-Delhomme struggled throughout the year last season due to injuries and poor protection. An injured thumb was the main culprit as Jake was only able to muster 17 Td’s. Expect a rebound this year though as favorite target Steve Smith is fully healthy himself this season and the fact that Delhomme will be extra focused due to the presence of newly signed David Carr. If he struggles however, don’t be surprised if Carr gets the call rather quickly. Risky pick here but good upside to gamble on.

14. Jay Cutler(Broncos) bye week: 6 age: 24

-one of the NFL’s rising stars at the position, Cutler got his feet wet towards the end of last season as he showed great poise in throwing 9 TD’s against 5 INT’s. With Jake Plummer now in retirement, the job is the cannon-armed second year man’s to himself. Already people are whispering that he could be the second coming of John Elway and with the good speed, great arm combo, who are we to argue? Fantasies aside, Cutler is a rising gem and could be a top 7 guy by the end of the year. If you’re going to reach for one player on offense this year, this guy is the one. Highly recommended sleeper.

The Rest (Should Be Drafted as Backups in 12 Team Leagues)

15. Brett Favre(Packers) bye week: 7 age: 37

-still has some juice left in that arm of his and despite his age, Favre could still put up more than decent numbers this year. With star WR Donald Driver there to catch his bullets, Lambeau’s favorite son should be a good but not great option. Works best as a bye week starter or injury replacement. Two things you could always count on with Favre: he will start (he never misses a game) and he will throw interceptions. Take the good with the bad.

16. Michael Vick(Falcons) bye week: 8 age: 27

-at press time, Vick was being indicted on felony charges of financing a dog fighting ring. Due to this development, Vick is dropped all the way down to this mediocre ranking. Stands a good chance of being suspended, with the possibility of being placed in jail. Don’t count on him for this season. Pass.

17. Jon Kitna(Lions) bye week: 6 age: 34

-was on many sleeper lists heading into last season and despite the over-the-top hype, Kitna’s season was not terrible. He passed for over 4,000 yards and 21 TD’s which alone would be terrific. However when you factor in the 22 INT’s he threw, the light dims on the shine of his season. With tremendous weapons at his disposal in WR’s Roy Williams and rookie Calvin Johnson, Kitna will have his big games. However his turnover-prone ways will always be lurking to hurt your team at every corner. Ride him while he is hot but dump him as soon as the inevitable slump hits.

18. Ben Roethlisberger(Steelers) bye week: 6 age: 25

-Big Ben had a season to forget in 2006 as a motorcycle accident that nearly killed him combined with his appendix emergency ruined whatever momentum he had coming off the Super Bowl. New coach Mike Tomlin preaches the run game so Roth could have a tough time cracking the 20 TD mark. Way too many questions surround this talented but inconsistent passer. Let him be someone else’s problem.

19. JP Losman(Bills) bye week: 6 age: 26

-with a wickedly strong arm and sometimes crazy risk taking, JP Losman evokes many people to say he is the next Brett Favre. Though Losman is talented, to say he is the next coming of Favre does injustice to the Hall Of Famer. JP however showed last season he could play in the NFL but leading a number of big comebacks with batterymate WR Lee Evans. A poor offensive line and lack of playmakers outside of Evans however will limit Losman’s upside for this year. Maybe in a year or two.

20.Alex Smith(49ers) bye week: 6 age: 23

-after looking like a colossal bust two season’s ago, the former number 1 overall draft pick showed last season he has a place in an NFL locker room. Showing off the speed and accuracy he used to star at Utah, Smith led his team to a near playoff spot in coach Mike Nolan’s first year on the job. Look for Smith to add to his 18 TD’s and to be a possible fantasy starter by midseason.

21. Rex Grossman(Bears) bye week: 9 age: 27

-this is make-or-break time for Grossman as last year’s Jekyll and Hyde act wore thin by season’s end. Many felt Chicago made the Super Bowl last year in spite of him and I am not one to argue. Until he starts to show some sort of consistency, let him pass you by in your draft.

22. Chad Pennington(Jets) bye week: 10 age: 31

-the NFL’s Comeback Player Of The Year showed that he still has what it takes to be a starter. What’s good for the Jets however is not good for your fantasy team as Chad’s noodle arm won’t light up the scoreboard. Let him go.

23. Trent Green(Dolphins) bye week: 8 age: 37

-once one of my favorite fantasy QB’s, Green’s star has dimmed due to the concussion that sidelined him for half the season, along with the poor play that followed upon his return. Age could be a factor here and the he no longer has an All Pro offensive line in front of him as he did in KC. Could move up this list if healthy but too many question marks to trust. Good backup however.

24. Matt Schaub(Falcons) bye week: 10 age: 26

-finally has a starting gig to himself as his trade to Houston got him out of Michael Vick’s shadow. Great arm but has not shown much in his limited time in the league. Draft him for his potential but have a better starter to use while you wait him out.

25. Jason Campbell(Redskins) bye week: 4 age: 25

-another young QB with potential but questions marks. Showed enough last season in limited time to relegate veteran Mark Brunell to the bench permanently. Track his early progress but don’t draft.

26. Steve McNair(Ravens) bye week: 8 age: 34

-age and injuries have relegated McNair to nothing but ordinary status. Don’t count on him to produce like he did during his MVP season.

27. Byron Leftwich(Jaguars) bye week: 4 age: 27

-this one-time potential beast has been relegated to also-ran status. Injuries and poor mechanics have held Byron back with no solution in sight.

Don’t Draft

28. David Carr

29. Daunte Culpepper

30. Charlie Frye

31. Damon Huard

32. Jeff Garcia

33. Josh McCown

34. Tarvaris Jackson

35. Chris Simms

36. David Garrard

37. Kyle Boller

38. Joey Harrington

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