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Social Media Isn’t Just Gooble-Digook at Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving in 1621 had no turkey or pumpkin pie. No yam or cranberry sauce was served during that original three-day celebration either. In fact, the holiday wasn’t even called Thanksgiving until 1863. According to Edward Winslow, who actually attended the first holiday feast, what we now call “Thanks giving Day” it was simply considered a “Harvest Festival.”

Twenty years ago, it might have required a trip to the local public library to research the details I so quickly and accurately summarized above. Unless, of course, you were lucky enough to be able to leaf through your very own Encyclopedia Britannica.

Today, a quick Google search will return 270,000,000 “Thanksgiving” results in just under 25 seconds. This is just one indication that social media has officially become an integral and welcome part of all holiday celebrations from planning to cleaning.

We’ve already discussed the history lesson of “Thanksgiving,” but there are so many other ways that the Internet and its social media components can impact the holiday in many positive ways.

The Planning

So what will Thanksgiving be like at your house this year? For starters, the web is full of “Thanksgiving planners” available for download. A quick Google search will bring up dozens of free and inexpensive planner downloads that you can use to present your entire Thanksgiving celebration. Martha Stewart offers her own free Thanksgiving planner as a .pdf on her website. In her planner, the queen of posh parties covers the entire month of preparations for November’s Big Day.

By the way, the original “harvest festival” in 1621 actually took place in October. This was likely the case, as the Pilgrims and Indians didn’t have to worry about who the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys were playing those days. Today, that information is readily available on the official website of the National Football League (NFL) on their annual “Thanksgiving” games page.

The Invitations

So… you have a Thanksgiving planner courtesy of Martha Stewart or another planner. But who do you want to invite to your holiday table and how will you reach them? Evite is ready with a variety of festive Thanksgiving email invitations and its efficient guest tracking solution, which lets you keep track of who’s coming and who can’t make it—quick, easy, and free. So much for the invitation. Mark it as done and move on.

Choice for dinner

We all know that a Thanksgiving party can be very expensive. As hosts, we do not want our guests to leave hungry and unsatisfied. We also want our holiday celebration to be fun and memorable. Luckily, Thanksgiving is a holiday that lends itself exceptionally well to wonderful old family recipes. Many of them abound on the Internet and are free to download.

Apparently, there are 43,600,000 places to look for holiday serving suggestions, including places to brainstorm and discuss possible menu choices with others. One such place on the web is “Rhodey Girl Tests”. The beautiful thing about the web and social media is that you are never alone with your thoughts. You can bounce ideas off of many others – just like you – twenty-four to seven. The web is always open for business.


Cooking for the holidays can be expensive. And, who wants to run from store to store comparing prices on turkeys and pumpkin pie filling? Fortunately, the internet can be huge here as well. Media websites and others have already done some serious food comparisons at local supermarkets on your behalf. The ABC TV affiliate in Los Angeles broke it all down for its viewers on its website. Western Farm Press (VFP) also offers some excellent savings information and advice on its website. According to the VFP, the cost of the 2010 Thanksgiving dinner was up 9 percent from last year. An educated consumer can easily shave a few dollars off their holiday grocery bill by following VFPs and other similar recommendations also found on the web.

The Hungri – Please Give

As you shop for food for your holiday celebration, think carefully about those less fortunate who may be hungry somewhere in the world. Holiday season gives time. Doesn’t helping others in need make us all feel good inside? Social media also has an easy solution for this. Check out programs like iBuiiHelp, which has helped thousands of people around the world with the many challenges they face every day. Download the Shopper Toolbar to support a cause you believe in.

Dining outside instead of inside

Now, what if you don’t want to cook Thanksgiving dinner and decide to take the whole crew out to a restaurant? Well, social media can help you with this too? And this help will certainly be appreciated, as dining out during the holidays is fraught with pitfalls and dangers. Advance reservations, jackets, long waits, limited menus, price gouging, bad food and poor service are all too often the hallmarks of the holiday dinner “away”. Websites like Gaiot can help point you in the right direction by offering some wonderful lists of “best of the best” restaurants, city by city.


At some point in the late afternoon or early evening dinner was finished and we men headed out to watch our traditional holiday football games. For non-footballers, Black Friday is just around the corner and guerilla shoppers are already itching to hit the retail stores.

Dealighted has promised to share with its customers a list of “leaked” money-saving sales ads for Black Friday. Another site called “Black Friday 2010” offers more of the same. So let the holiday shopping begin in earnest.


Hours later and completely drained after battling the Black Friday crowds, reality returns. While you were out shopping, the holiday dishes piled up in the sink from dinner and those late night “Thanksgiving sandwiches” we all love. Do not be scared. There are “Post-Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips” all over cyberspace. On this site, you will learn how to remove wine stains, candle wax and silver tarnish from your personal belongings. All this just in time to do it all over again for Christmas and Hanukkah! By the way, this last holiday begins at sunset on December 1 this year. So, you better get on with the next round of vacation planning. Luckily, social media has all the answers and the emotional support of countless others who log onto Facebook and Twitter to share their holiday successes as well as their family nightmares. Happy holidays everyone.

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