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69 Places For Passion – Lusty Locations to Make Love

When looking to spice up their love life, many couples look for adventurous or new places to make love. There are certain locations that allow for sensual love making, while others require faster acts of passion. The bedroom is a comfortable place to make love, but there are so many exciting and lustful locations for passionate sex. Whether spontaneous and urgent or planned for fun, sex in new locations can be extremely exciting.

Lovers of creativity are always looking for opportunities to get wild and edgy. With the right inspiration, every day sex can be turned into an unforgettable experience. You may have seen other lists of lovemaking locations, but let’s push the envelope and go for at least 69 – always a good number for sex ideas. Remember that in some locations there are pleasurable sexual activities other than intercourse. Oral and manual stimulation can be equally satisfying and more practical in some situations.

  1. Banging as passengers in a moving car (back seat while a friend drives, discreetly in a taxi, in a limousine with a privacy screen).
  2. In a parked car during a romantic or exciting event (watching fireworks, admiring the sunrise/sunset, sheltering from a rainstorm).
  3. In the honeymoon suite, but not during your honeymoon. Elegant and classy or themed for a party, recreate your honeymoon or practice what it would look like.
  4. In a bad motel. Come separately and play the role of an office worker or a prostitute fantasy.
  5. In a high-end hotel suite with a panoramic view from the window — keep the curtains open if you dare.
  6. In a room with at least a hundred candles that cast a soft glowing light on your naked bodies as you enjoy sensual pleasure.
  7. Frozen fornication in a snow fort or igloo you made together is great fun. You can even make a special embankment to mount on.
  8. On an open boat (not below deck). Consider a canoe, rowboat, or dinghy if you don’t have access to a yacht, sailboat, or speedboat with a large deck.
  9. Slick with massage oil on plastic wrap or in an inflatable pool.
  10. In the shower enjoying sensual, slippery foam and a handheld water massager. Intimate bathing and bonding or hot sex – whatever suits your mood.
  11. In an English garden surrounded by fragrant flowers. Make it more fun by dressing elegantly and indulging in a sense of aristocratic debauchery.
  12. In the gazebo under the stars, moonlight or midday sun. Half sex outdoors as much as you dare.
  13. On a king-size waterbed equipped with satin sheets and lots of soft pillows.
  14. In a cold, fast stream or small stream. The whirlpool below the falls is an amazing location if you can find it.
  15. On a swing strong enough for two. In fact, swinging along with penetration is awkward, but there are many other fun activities you can do including swinging.
  16. In a hammock between two palm trees on a secluded beach in front of the ocean.
  17. At the observation deck or observatory. Finding one that offers scenic views and adequate privacy will be its own adventure.
  18. The rear entrance on the bridge with a view of the depth below. Even more intense on the swinging rope bridge for extra adrenaline.
  19. In the stairwell of an apartment or office building – better exercise than in the elevator. (or on the stairs in your house)
  20. On top of a big hill or a small mountain under the stars or the full moon. Enjoy the view with a bottle of wine, then enjoy each other.
  21. On the train. Whether in a rare, empty car or a private cabin, “playing the tracks” is a temptation to try.
  22. In a van, on the back of a pickup or on the hood of a sports car.
  23. While skinny dipping at night in a pool, river, lake or ocean. Note that cold water makes some parts firmer while others shrink.
  24. In the bathtub, hot tub or spa. Soak, soothe and caress each other sensually or stimulate wet and wild sex with invigorating jets of water.
  25. On the roof. Outside on the flat top of a tall building or (carefully) on a low, gently sloping roof can be exciting.
  26. In a field of tall grass or flowers. A secluded, lush green meadow next to a small stream is ideal.
  27. Under cherry, apple or other fruit trees in full bloom. Enjoy the sensual sights, sounds and smells of spring whenever you can.
  28. On a pile of pillows. An assortment of shapes, sizes, colors and textures piled high for pleasure. Have a playful pillow fight. Try new positions.
  29. In the barn. A horse barn can bring out the animal in you. A hayloft (on soft straw) can be extremely fun. Play the roles of a cowboy, a barn or a farmer’s daughter.
  30. Deep in the forest by a big tree. Agile pairs can even try different positions in the tree if the branches are correct.
  31. Outside in the refreshing, cool rain on a hot day or night. Thunder and lightning add to the excitement.
  32. Safe under a tin roof during a hail storm or torrential downpour.
  33. Anywhere under the hot sun with an ice dildo. Make it by freezing a plastic water/pop bottle filled with water and cutting off the plastic.
  34. In a sleeping bag outdoors under a clear starlit sky. Get as far away from city lights as possible. Aurora lights will make it even more special.
  35. On a small island. Enjoy quiet seclusion or spice it up with role-playing. Pretend to be castaways or, in a historical setting, a scout meeting a native for the first time.
  36. On the beach on hot, dry sand or right on the shore with the waves crashing around you. Everywhere you can see and hear huge crashing waves.
  37. In the middle of a sports field or stadium (golf course, soccer, football, rugby, race track, etc.). Probably best during the off season or at night.
  38. In a cave, tunnel or under a bridge. The echoes of your rapture or the sounds of traffic overhead can be exhilarating.
  39. On a trampoline or bouncer. Standing intercourse while jumping can be difficult. An exercise ball will give a similar bouncing sensation for other positions.
  40. In a small clothes or coat closet with the door closed so it’s completely dark. Will someone open it and catch you in the act? Fun at parties.
  41. On the pool table as a punishment for losing a few games Dirty Pool or Six Nine Ball.
  42. On a fur rug/coat in front of a warm, glowing fireplace at night.
  43. In every room of your home and your lover’s home if you live separately.
  44. Get creative on or using stable pieces of furniture. On the kitchen counter, dining table, sofa, chair, etc. On the floor and against the wall.
  45. In front of a mirror or under a mirror attached to the ceiling. Discover a new perspective on your love making from new angles.
  46. In front of a video camera or webcam mounted on a tripod. Record for later, watch live or stream to an internet audience if you’re an exhibitionist.
  47. In a small log cabin, thatch hut, mud hut or teepee. Include the option when planning your vacation.
  48. In the garage, boat house or storage. Get to know each other in secret while others outside are oblivious to your naughty behavior.
  49. In a treehouse or fort (either a random discovery, yours or your neighbors’). Pretend you’re teenagers messing around for the first time.
  50. Next to an open fire while camping. A roaring fire incites passion, while a soft ember infuses romance and intimacy at night.
  51. On or against the washing machine, especially during the spin cycle.
  52. At a sex club or fetish party in a private cabin or on display for others to see.
  53. On exercise equipment in a private gym. You will definitely enjoy the workout.
  54. In a dark corner of a dance club with a pulsating, pounding beat to grind. A skirt and no panties/underwear make this much easier to pull off.
  55. In the parking lot between parked cars/vans. Try underground and surface parking, but be aware of security systems and surveillance cameras.
  56. Tucked together in a sleeping bag in a small tent. Weather conditions, sounds of the wilderness or scary stories can set the mood.
  57. On the marked border line between two countries, states or provinces – one person in each territory that is in diplomatic relations.
  58. At or near the graveyard at midnight during a full moon if you dare. Standing sex will make both your legs tremble with excitement.
  59. In a public toilet, changing room or even a friend’s bathroom. The novelty and the risk of being caught together make this exciting.
  60. On the plush lawn at night or early in the morning while it is still wet with dew.
  61. In the theater during an exciting performance or to make it more interesting. Don’t forget to bring wet wipes to clean your fingers.
  62. In a pile of fallen leaves or freshly cut grass.
  63. In a bed covered with rose petals or a lot of money.
  64. On your private terrace, veranda or deck (even better by the pool). A sturdy lawn chair or table, an air mattress, or a few seat cushions can be helpful.
  65. In the elevator (late at night on a weekday can be a good time and dress up for a quick party).
  66. At the costume party. Dress up for a sexy role-playing scenario. Flirt and play until you can secretly meet to fulfill your fantasy.
  67. Outside on the balcony of a high-rise apartment or next to a large window near the top floor. Try standing at the back while looking down.
  68. In a private playroom for adults equipped with various accessories for enjoyment. Harnesses, costumes, toys and other toys will fuel your desire.
  69. Inside walk in vault (has happened, but usually requires an employee or owner to help). A walk in fridge or supply room is a quick alternative.

Some love making locations can actually be a bit awkward, expensive, too exotic or even a bit dangerous depending on your circumstances. However, if the idea intrigues you, you can always set up a scenario and act out the situation in a fake location. With a little imagination and a few props, you can create a fantastic environment to fulfill your wishes. You can even recreate historical, fantasy or alien space settings.

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