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Advantages and Application Area of LED Lighting Technology

Light Emitting Diodes or LED technology is the new sensation in commercial and residential lighting applications. Every dark area that needs to be illuminated and every object that needs an indication now comes alive with LEDs. The reason is simple, the world strives to save energy, and LEDs are the stars in the field of energy-efficient technology.

The dominant advantages of LED over conventional lighting such as; incandescent and CFL, making them the best choice for any new installation and upgrade that needs lighting.

We discuss some LED advantages that make them a superior option:

Energy efficient

LED converts 80% of your electricity into light energy. So it really justifies what you pay for. This ultimately reduces your cost on your electricity bill and thus saves energy and money. For example, replacing the old lighting system with a new LED system at the Iconic Tower in Miami helped save $259,767 per year in energy, maintenance and operating costs.

Versatile and compact

LEDs are adaptable to any type of lighting due to their availability in different colors and small size. It emits light in a dedicated color and works smoothly in the toughest conditions. One LED is enough for light indication and its group can light up an entire football stadium.

Cool and controlled

LED lights are much cooler and brighter compared to conventional light sources. They can also be dimmed very easily according to the required intensity.

Long life span

LED does not fail suddenly and has a relatively long life. This reduces costs in terms of maintenance and reduces the headache of periodic replacements.

Focused and impact resistant

With LEDs you don’t have to depend on the shape of the reflector to get focused light. They are already packaged in a way to emit focused light. This is a useful feature for lighting such as in a jewelry store. Since the devices are solid state, it is difficult to damage them by impact.

These advantages show that LEDs are in every way the best choice for both indications and lighting. However, as any emerging technology has some issues, the LED is not untouched. The only drawback that the LED installation currently has is the high initial cost. If you have the guts to spend $1000 for a few LED bulbs, then LED lighting is a 100% profitable option. Also, a low-quality LED light will degrade faster than a brand new one, so always look for high-quality Energy Star-labeled LED bulbs.


Whether you’re thinking about installing new lighting in your home or upgrading your existing, want to brighten up your favorite display cases, or decorate your backyard pool with dramatic lighting, LED is always there as an option for you. LED lights actively create enchanting and colorful environments in all possible sectors such as industrial, commercial, residential, security, public places, hospitals, automobiles and electronics. LED has registered its presence in a wide area, and yet it is expanding with numerous possibilities.

Some of the application areas that stand out and beautify with LEDs are:

  • IN THE RETAIL MARKET – The retail market which includes shopping malls, jewelry store, ready-to-wear, boutiques and other general stores is now becoming a point of attraction and interaction with the use of LED lights. LEDs can precisely highlight the product and set the aura of the store to reflect the mood. Cool and colorful LED lighting enhances the shopping experience and makes them feel luxurious with the power of light.
  • SETTING THE MOOD IN THE WORKPLACE – The right amount of creative and dramatic lighting sets the mood for employees to stay in the workplace. Due to its portability and different colors, LED offers the flexibility to illuminate any shape and design. The controlled intensity and focused direction of the LED create a comfortable working space.
  • INDUSTRIAL AND WAREHOUSE LIGHTING – Industries and factories are usually large in size and work 24×7 to produce their products. These places require stronger light to work efficiently and to reduce energy consumption. So LED is a smart move for them. Switching to LED lighting reduced their energy costs without compromising on light quality.
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTING – LED illuminates all outdoor spaces in an incomparable way with its improved visible appearance. Roads and parking structures now use LED lights to attract their visibility and safety. Cities are upgrading to LED streetlights to improve light quality and efficiency. Parks, hotels, airports and train stations are switching to LEDs for better lighting, safety and reduced maintenance costs.
  • INDICATORS AND SIGNALING – LEDs are actively used as lighting indicators due to their low power consumption, low maintenance and small size. Mostly single color LED lights are used in automotive and traffic indicators. LEDs also act as lamps for optical cables that use their light for signaling in telecommunications and for lighting applications.
  • DECORATIVE ART LIGHTING – The use of LED for decorative purposes is a traditional practice. People use various LED items to decorate Christmas trees, frames, showcases and assortment of LED products to produce holiday lights.
  • UNDERWATER LIGHTING AND POOLS – With the advancement of technology, LEDs are now available in a waterproof form for underwater applications. LEDs can now create a dramatic lighting effect in your aquarium and luxury pool area, while reducing energy costs.

Most pool owners now illuminate the water and landscape of their pools with LED lights. One important reason is the LED’s brightness and shock-resistant nature. Their multi-colored lighting will effectively illuminate pool and spa features, and swimmers are fearless with electricity while using it. The availability of LEDs in different colors helps to create the effect of desire and increase the appeal of the pool.

Fountains, aquarium, artificial waterfalls and several other water features are illuminated by LED in a much brighter way and contribute to improving the overall atmosphere of the pool.

As previously stated, the areas and possibilities of LED applications are endless and limited only by the imagination. LED technology is applicable to any desired area; you just need a thoughtful and creative approach to use it accordingly. Knowing the basics, installation and application of LED technology will help you opt for a better lighting experience and prove a step forward for a green and clean environment.

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