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The Power of Passion

Once there was a man, Jack, who worked very hard at his job. He went to school in his field of interest and got a job in a similar industry. He found a good wife and they had three wonderful children. Life was good in his adult years, but he felt like he was only on life’s journey. He got up every morning, went to a job he loved, but longed for a break, some kind of long-awaited vacation. He lost most of his hobbies, due to the time constraints of working at his job, balanced with trying to take care of his family and spend time with them. The dreams Jack had talked about in his youth (traveling, starting his own business, becoming a golfer on the armbar, winning fantasy football, etc.) were still in the back of his mind, but only a little. Jack had a successful life by American standards (income, job, home, family, etc.), but he didn’t jump out of bed in the morning: he had no spring in his step and seemed to carry a high level of stress. In general, he was happy, but not HAPPY.

This is the story of a man with a great life, but a man who lacks PASSION.

What is passion?

Webster defines passion as “a strong liking or desire for, or devotion to, an activity, object, or concept.”

I define passion as an inner subconscious emotional calling that fuels the perspective, focus and actions you take as you live life and fulfill your purpose in life.

Passion is not obvious, such as being able to throw a ball, being a gifted musician or a talented craftsman, or living as an amazing inventor. Passion is not on a conscious level, something you think about and notice every day. Passion is of a more “energetic” nature and is therefore difficult to detect.

People say they are passionate about their children, family, hobbies, etc. While these are all admirable, I would say that these are the interests that bring joy and satisfaction. They can also be the pinnacle of your passion or an indication of your passion. While passion is a common word to describe the emotional state of liking something very much, the passion we’re talking about here is a much bigger concept. These are the key attributes that drive you and get you excited about life and living.

It is also important to recognize that people often confuse passion with purpose. The way I see it, purpose is the vehicle you drive for your passion: your purpose is what you do (eg playing sports, writing music, reading literature, or parenting). Passion is the fuel and energy you use to drive: passion is how you drive yourself (eg by being creative, solving problems or helping people).

Passion is the inner fire that burns within you as a result of using your natural gifts, talents and purpose here on earth. You have the passion before you use it, but it’s like an unlit match. Passion ignites when you use your gifts, talents, and purpose and results in personal fulfillment and “life in flow,” where everything works together and every area of ​​your life is filled with joy, satisfaction, and synergy.

Why have a passion? Is it possible for everyone to have passion or are some people just more “emotional”?

Passion is seen as you look out into the world and selflessly allow yourself to be an instrument, using your gifts and talents. As you do this, you will begin to see your reflection and therefore identify your passion more easily. Once you’ve identified your passion, by experiencing the lit fire within, you’ll be able to focus and use those gifts and talents more—your purpose and passion are united and fuel the most fulfilling adventure of your life!

The reward for living a life of passion is incredible! Once you try it, you’ll want to come back. It is an incredible overflow of your heart, body, mind and soul. You have energy, direction, purpose and focus. As humans, we all want it, but sometimes it seems too hard to achieve, so we give up and decide to just enjoy what life gives us.

“What does life give us?” I ask. Make no mistake, we are not here on earth to float down the river on an inner tube, just passively taking in what life has to offer. You won’t find passion in that inner tube. You may hit the rapids and get a little taste here and there, however, if you want to know what a life of passion means and is, you must seek it out.

Life can bring some hard knocks, hard lessons, challenges and troubles. How you deal with them is up to you. You see, there’s a quote that says, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you do with it.” The more you see life as a lesson, something to learn from and a gift, the happier you will be. The more you live in your purpose and passion, the easier it is to see things from this perspective. Do you want to have this synergy in your heart, body, mind and soul? Do you want to be satisfied, overflowing with joy and be of value to the world?

Jack Finds Passion

Jack was tired of stumbling through life. He did some research and discovered a few things: he enjoys nature, is invigorated by fresh air, strategic thinking, and intelligence. Earlier, when he played golf, he pursued some of these passions, an appreciation of nature, strategic thinking and intelligence. He stopped playing golf due to lack of time. The irony is that after picking up a hobby again, he seems to have more time and energy.

At work, he also noticed that his job became boring because he wasn’t reading statistical reports like when he first started working. Then, when he read the reports, it motivated and excited him about management strategies that would save the company time and money. So he started reading the reports again and found himself more engaged at work. The momentum helped him get things done faster, be more positive, and finish on time many days so he could get home to his kids.

Because Jack came home on time, there was a little break before dinner when he could go outside and play with the kids: he loved throwing the ball around and teaching little Jake how to ride a bike! It even inspired him to outfit the family to take on Saturday morning trail rides at a local park.

As Jack realized that his passions were out in nature, using his intellectual abilities and creating solutions and strategies, he found that these same things appeared in all areas of life. It was exciting and convincing! He was happy, fulfilled and found synergy in all areas of his life.

Now you know what passion is. Now you know the benefit of inviting passion into your life. Take the time to explore your personal passions and integrate them into your life. Passion is a phenomenal gift. If you want to LIVE life to the fullest and enjoy it along the way, take the time to discover your passions. Put them into your daily life. You will find that you have time for everything you were doing before and more.

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