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NFL Fantasy Football Mock Draft Results

Round 1

#4: Tiki Barber (RB) NI Giants

Heading into the draft, after finding out I had the fourth overall pick, I knew I would most likely end up with Tiki. Surprisingly, Larry Johnson wasn’t picked until #3. Since Lj is still on the board with #3, I thought maybe the #3 man would probably take Edge or Tiki. Well, that didn’t happen; easy choice for Tiki right here.

2nd round

#7: Tori Holt (VR) St. Louis Rams

Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald and Chad Johnson were all taken in the 2nd round before my pick. There’s been a lot of excitement this year with Steve Smith, but I’m very pleased to have Holt in this position as he’s consistently put up huge numbers year after year. Some people say he’s the best VR in the NFL, and with his proven track record, I’m glad he’s on my team.

3rd round

#4: Marvin Harrison (VR) Indianapolis Colts

I didn’t think I’d get a shot at a player of this caliber in the third round, but surprisingly, Harrison did. What surprised me was that in front of me was Chris Chambers, a player I don’t even think compares to Marvin. I could have sworn someone was going to pick up a player of this size in the third round, but it fell to me.

4th round

#7: Julius Jones (RB) Dallas Cowboys

With this standard format, I had to take another RB at this position. I wanted to get another one back in the third round, but when Marvin Harrison is still around, you just have to take him. Julius is pretty well hyped for the first few years of his career. This is the time for Jones this year.

5th round

#4: Todd Heap (TE) Baltimore Ravens

Shockey was taken in the fourth round and Tony Gonzalez was drafted before me, I had to take a tight end in this slot. Heap is going to have a really good year now that he has a decent KB throwing him the ball. I didn’t take the KB in the fifth round because I had almost all the KBs on my board and thought I would be able to get one of them in the sixth. (Matt Hasselbeck, Eli Manning, Marc Bulger, Drew Bledsoe and Kurt Warner)

6th round

#7: Matt Hasselbeck (KB) Seattle Seahawks

This was another big surprise for me in this draft. The following QBs went ahead of Hasselbeck in this draft, in this order: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Eli Manning and Daunte Culpepper. Hasselbeck has been much more consistent than Ely, and isn’t retiring with the devastating injuries that Palmer and Culpepper are dealing with. Hey, I’m not complaining!

7th round

#4: Eddie Kennison (VR) Kansas City Chiefs

Now it was time to start thinking about my bench and pick quality players with different bye weeks than my two players. Kennison was still available, which was good. Kennison is the Chiefs’ No. 1 target and has produced back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. I’m pretty comfortable with Kennison as my third VR.

8th round

#7: Joseph Addai (RB) Indianapolis Colts

I was really hoping that Frank Gore would still be here this late, but alas, he was taken a round early. Addai was a trendy pick for some, and some insiders are projecting a big season, but I’m not so sure Dominique Rhodes won’t have a career with the Colts. I’m just hoping he lives up to the hype and can put up some decent stats, as I may turn to him later in the season.

9th round

#4: Kurt Varner (KB) Arizona Cardinals

I couldn’t miss Warner this late, especially considering he’s in the offense with Boldin, Fitzgerald, and now Edge running and catching balls out of bounds. I think with the new stadium, and all the offensive weapons, Warner will be the main man for the Cardinals. Hasselbeck has an early bye week, which was also why I took Warner because I’m not sure if Warner will still be the starter at the end of the year. Drew Bledsoe was still available, but I couldn’t bring myself to draft another Cowboy, especially when I only need Warner for his performance to start the year.

10th round

#7: Cedric Houston (RB) New York Jets

Houston looked impressive against the Redskins, and I think they’ll get some carries. He had a different bye week than my previous three RBs I took, and I didn’t think it could hurt to have my projected starter as my fourth down back.

11th round

#4: Laveranues Coles (VR) New York Jets

Well, the Jets may not be in the best KB situation of any NFL team, but Coles is a solid player. Coles’ stats may not be as good as he’s capable of putting up, but as a fourth VR, in a league that only requires two starting VRs, I’m happy with Coles here.

12th round

#7: Donte Stallworth (VR) New Orleans Saints

Stallworth was the best player available at the moment and I couldn’t pass him up. He’s a legitimate No. 2 receiver behind Joe Horn, and I believe he’ll become a Drew Brees favorite, perhaps establishing himself as a No. 1 thread. With Harrison and Holt as my starting VRs, and Kennison/Coles/Stallworth rounding out the bench, I think that my VR core is solid.

13th round

#4: New York Giants (Defense)

I let it be a while before I took the defense as I had my eye on Big Blue. The Giants have an underrated defense that is capable of punts, INTs and big plays because of that ferocious pass rush that will improve with the addition of Arrington. The Giants D may allow some points, but fantasy points are earned by sacks, interceptions, fumbles and touchdowns, things I think the Giants will do.

14th round

#7: Josh Brown (K) Seattle Seahawks

I was ready to take a shot this round, but wasn’t sure if I wanted Philly, Brown, or Jeff Wilkins. Philly was drafted before me, so that made my decision a lot easier, so I had to decide between Wilkins and Brown. Brown is probably a better shooter than Wilkins, but Wilkins shoots in at least half of his games in the dome. Hopefully later in the year I won’t be kidding myself about this choice!

15th round

#4: Kevan Barlow (RB) New York Jets

I wanted five RBs, and after hearing the news that he had just been traded to the Jets, I decided to take Barlow here. I don’t know if he’ll get the starting job, and I’m definitely not going to carry him and Houston, but I’m guessing at least one of them will have the starting job on opening day JETS, Jets Jets Jets.

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